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Deception is Rusty Strings and the Raw Deal’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s feature artist is Rusty Strings and the Raw Deal and his single Deception.

Deception is Rusty Strings and the Raw Deal’s Single

The story of this song fascinated me a lot.

A track that was recorded in the 80s and is now being shared with the world…isn’t that rad? That’s the beauty of technology today.

Already for this reason, I was immediately hooked by this music. The sincerity of Deception takes your breath away.

Now that everything is glossy but with little meaning inside it is swept away by this raw but honest recording with no strings attached.

This is real music, made to express true emotions and not to seek success and fame.

Rusty Strings and the Raw Deal shows us that there was a different way of making music and that we can still go back to create the good music of the past. Made of passion and desire to express the emotions hidden in our souls.

The compositional style is a mix between the Ramones and Lou Reed, a visionary and innovative artist who manages to be modern and futuristic with a song from 40 years ago…fantastic!

Deception is a gift that I recommend everyone to go and listen to.

Deception is Rusty Strings and the Raw Deal’s Single Out Now!


Deception is Rusty Strings and the Raw Deal’s Single

I wrote and recorded music as Rusty Strings and the Raw Deal from 1980 until 1986. No matter where or what I studied or did to make money for a living, this was my real job and my real passion. Using low- or no-cost DIY methods learned from frequent collaborator Kirk Rustin, the recording process was where I learned how to write and produce songs that said what I needed to say, and not what the market called for.

The entire recorded output of Rusty Strings and the Raw Deal was created on cassette, first by borrowing cassette decks to overdub sound-on-sound, then using a Fostex X-15 portastudio.

Only a few copies of the original cassettes were given to trusted friends. The inevitable comparison to the polished perfection of professionally engineered recordings produced in massively expensive studios was daunting enough to return these works to the drawer. The option of pursuing a local, self-financed cassette release did not occur to me, so the tapes gathered dust in a storage case and were only played occasionally, when I was alone.

In 2004, I digitized the songs, a process that brought much greater clarity to the recordings. They sounded like they sounded when I recorded them, the way they sounded through headphones while creating them.

A change of heart changed the status of these songs. I realized the raw, vernacular, unfiltered sounds of humans making music has far more value than the polished perfection of engineers, and that the worth of music has nothing to do with the dollars it earns.

The moment I realized that I should release 1983, and that “Deception,” an eerily-prescient assault on the cult of celebrity should be the lead single, came when my 14-year-old daughter gravitated to it as her own personal shove back against those who are famous for the sake of being famous and nothing more.

Here, in all its grainy, hissy cassette-created glory, is Rusty Strings and the Raw Deal’s “Deception.”

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