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Deepest Condolences is Call In Dead’s Album

Good Day Noir Family,
the unstoppable Call In Dead is back with a full album. Let’s turn the volume up and throw ourselves into this sonic storm.

Deepest Condolences is Call In Dead’s Album

The party starts as soon as you hit the play button.

The spirit of Lemmy meets that of Euronymous on this album which blends metal with punk influences.

Call in Dead songs are great because even if they are fast they don’t look for shortcuts. It’s like putting salt on living flesh to feel something. We live in an apathetic society where boobs and music are all plastic.

Here we find the flab, the blood, the sweat, and the essence of the human being … we are animals and we must be proud of it.

The title Deepest Condolences seems to be dedicated to the Kardashians and people like them, they live but they are dead… the only thing they have is money.

Life is made up of emotions and unexpected events and the music of this band looks for chaos and things out of control because only in those moments our true essence is revealed.

This album is therapeutic, instead of going to the shrink, listen to these songs and you will understand a lot of things about yourself.

Deepest Condolences is Call In Dead’s Album out now!

Real and Solid!

Deepest Condolences is Call In Dead’s Album

This is Call in Dead’s first full length release featuring 16 tracks of hardcore punk that can’t easily be said to sound like another band. Call in Dead is always the lightest band on a metal show and the heaviest band on a punk show, and this record runs that gamut. It was released by Canada’s Wrecking Crew Records. This song also features their old singer, Jaeh Peck who was replaced by Ripley in January of 2022.

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