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Demons of My Soul is MetheS’ Album

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured artist is MetheS and his Album Demons of My Soul.

Demons of My Soul is MetheS’ Album

The rough and aggressive sound of this artist immediately intrigued me.

What immediately hooked me is that MetheS has an approach to Black Metal like the first albums of the genre made in Norway.

It certainly doesn’t follow the glossy and laminated sound of, for example, Dimmu Borgir who, in my opinion, sold their souls to the god of money rather than to the devil.

Luckily there are artists like MetheS who respect the original genre and want to express deep emotions rooted in the most hidden corners of the human soul.

The production and vocal performance are magnificent and perfect for the genre.

These screams are real. They are made to create a sense of restlessness and instability and above all, they are sincere because they don’t follow commercial rules.

Demons of My Soul is a coherent album, well produced, and above all where all the songs are solid and demonstrate the developed artistic taste of this artist.

This a great discovery that I recommend to all lovers of the genre.

Demons of My Soul is MetheS’ Album Out Now!

Sincere and Powerful!

Demons of My Soul is MetheS’ Album

The Istanbul – Turkey-based artist Methes’s music always moves at a mighty pace. His melodies are sharp and powerful, and the arrangements sparse. For the first time, Methes’s knack as one of the masterful metal rock vocalist/guitarists is presented with the release of his album “Demons Of My Soul” giving the music a subtle, and sometimes reverberating, strong palette.

“Demons Of My Soul” is at its best when Methes plays the guitar taking the listeners to another world with impactful musical arrangements and with much more things to concentrate on. The fiery track “Into The Darkness” features intensive guitar parts, toe-tapping drums, and propulsive synths. Methes’ vocals, appearing in a powerful register, rise gradually as the music enters its climax. “Anxiety” delivers a similar intensity, along with the catchiest roaring vocals.

Sonically, the album has discovered new dimensions in metal rock. For the most part, all the songs of this album are stylish with grim synth and masterful guitar set in vigorous electronic beats. Listeners will undoubtedly find “Demons Of My Soul” an outstanding rock metal collection that gives goosebumps with each listen. More importantly, Methes delivers something that feels unique, with his amazing guitar performances in “Disturbance”, “Serenity,” and “Closure”. Every single is masterfully performed by Methes, composing with top-notch musical arrangements that bestow the listeners with a sound metal rock experience. All in all, as it is common in Methes’ self-discovery in music, “Demons Of My Soul” gleams with his growing artistry.

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