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Devil is MINT’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured band is MINT and their Single Devil.

Devil is MINT’s Single

The sound proposed by this band is intriguing.

A compositional approach that immediately made me think of bands like Cold Play but which seems to hide a secret that makes MINT truly fascinating.

Although this music winks more at pop, it has rock vibes that make it look like an extinct volcano before a new eruption.

Maybe because of the deep and intense lyrics and also because of the passionate interpretation this music doesn’t leave you indifferent and somehow manages to speak to your soul.

The new single Devil is accompanied by a fantastic video that demonstrates the musical vision of this band. The colors and the settings and this going in and out of “rock” on a musical level is a unique and intriguing artistic approach.

I’m sure this band will be successful. They compose quality music and present themselves to the world with a solid and mature project.

Go and listen to them, it’s worth it.

Devil is MINT’s Single Out Now!

Solide and Mature!

Devil is MINT’s Single

“MINT reunited a year ago after taking a 6-year break due to my drug addiction and treatment from a decade of touring. This song was important for us to release before anything else because it’s the last song I ever wrote before I got sober.

I wrote and recorded the vocals as I was coming down from a coke and ketamine bender, and you can still hear the drugs in my nose as I sing. We tried to retrack the vocals countless times, but the pain in my voice is vital to the story. It’s about the cancer I had become to my family, friends, and community. I used, manipulated and hurt so many people, I didn’t think my life was worth living anymore.” – Bradford, lead singer & guitarist

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