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Disease Of The Mind is Staytus’ Album

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured Artist is Staytus and her Album Disease Of The Mind.

Disease Of The Mind is Staytus’ Album

I was very impressed by the sound proposed by this artist.

She has succeeded in creating an absolutely innovative musical blend that I would call “Metal Industrial Grunge”.

Surely the melodic lines are inspired by the music of the 90s and the interpretation and the vocal timbre reminded me of Courtney Love’s. The sounds, on the other hand, are modern, electronic, acid, and industrial.

Staytus is a very creative artist with a solid and mature artistic vision. Her music stands out from the crowd and I instantly became a fan of her music.

The production is great and the paranoid energy of these songs is contagious.

I believe that this artist has a bright future ahead of her as she has managed to create something new that will allow her to be noticed by the public.

I am curious to follow her path as I believe I am faced with a rare talent.

Disease Of The Mind is Staytus’ Album Out Now!

Innovative and Epic!

Disease Of The Mind is Staytus’ Album

Disease of the Mind, the riveting full-length debut from industrial metal upstart Sam Grundemann—AKA Staytus—reminds us that some people are born with a knack for sculpting sound deep in their bones. Since the age of 15, the Scottsdale, AZ-based multi-instrumentalist / songwriter has steeped herself in writing and recording her material, posting individual tracks while acquiring a string of degrees and certifications in audio production. Being patient and deliberate, however, has paid off—with Disease of the Mind, Staytus has crafted a lavishly detailed opus that envelops the senses as it pulls the listeners into its own sonic universe.

Aspiring to the wide-angle scope of genre-defining albums like Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral, Staytus leaves her mark on the industrial metal paradigm with an utterly distinctive approach to production and songcraft that reflects the ten years she’s spent honing her style in both domains. Disease of the Mind marries the classic palette of serrated guitars and electronic beats to contemporary concerns like relationship trauma, mental health, and the struggle of navigating a world based on “neurotypical” standards—all informed by the immersive audio-visual sensibility of gaming culture and a deep, abiding love for the beauty of sounds.

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