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Dive In is Molosser’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Molosser are back with a new song “Dive In”…are you ready? Let’s jump into this song right away.

Imagine yourself around a fire…imagine being on the hill of Woodstock at the end of the 60s… listen to this music… close your eyes and you will be there in that moment.

This song is psychedelic, wild and free.

This melody has the ability to awaken ancestral emotions of universal sharing of moments of love and art.

The compositional magic of Molosser is undeniable, we are faced with a talented Duo who always manage to give me beautiful moments of music.

Dive In is Molosser’s Single Out Now!

Wild and Real!


Dive In (Barebones Sessions) is number two in a series of singles/videos where Molosser perform four tracks from their acclaimed debut album Appear in straightforward live versions – one take, straight into the microphones. The ever-creative duo would not stop at the usual “two people playing in a room” video though, but have made an evocative and captivating video for each song, filmed in the loft of the old barn on the small farm where they live. The centuries-old wood and stones sing in dark harmony with Molosser’s music.

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