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Dive is Under Delusion’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
the great band from Moscow, Under Delusion, is back with another intriguing tune.

Dive is Under Delusion’s Single Out Now

Rock’s sexiest voice enchants us again in this beautiful song.

The chorus of Dive echoes continuously in my head.

This song describes the game of love and the music is as usual charming like a belly dancer.

With these epic and intense arrangements accompanying the lyrics, the words take on an even greater meaning and you can see the scene before your eyes.

I run my fingers through your hair… before you start your chasing game… feeling your shiver deep inside

The thing I like the most about this singer is that she never exaggerates in her interpretation. Her way of singing is confident and solid and guides in the musical world of Under Delusion as Virgil did with Dante in the Divine Comedy.

People are becoming more and more aware of this band, and Dive will make them take one more step toward success.

Dive is Under Delusion’s Single Out Now!

Sinuously Obsessive!

Dive is Under Delusion’s Single Out Now

How do you get to know another person? Do you do it slowly, sip by sip like an expensive vine, or can you ruthlessly dive in the raging ocean until you touch the bottom? Should we stay together forever, or can one night bring you a sweet and thrilling feeling every time you remember it?

The new single Dive is another dark and emotional story from Under Delusion. The band mix catchy guitar riffs, synth groves and solid beats in a modern rock cocktail.

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