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Do It Again is Split Persona’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Another one from Split Persona this band is determined and focused on the final goal.

Do It Again is Split Persona’s Single

This time the rhythmic cadence of the new single made me think of bands like Panic at The Disco.

A very articulate harmonic construction that demonstrates the continuous research and experimentation of this band.

The last time I heard one of their songs was March 2022 now almost a year later I am faced with a band that has had an incredible evolution.

This goes to show how these guys are here to stay. That’s why I started the article with “focused on the final goal”. Many bands get lost along the way. Then there are bands like Split Persona who try even harder to improve and then come back with these magnificent results.

Do It Again is a perfect single for the radio and deserves the attention of Spotify curators.

This band has once again demonstrated their professionalism and I take my hat off to their desire to make it.

10 out of of 10.

Do It Again is Split Persona’s Single Out Now!


Do It Again is Split Persona’s Single

Do It Again is a perfect song for any modern rock and roll listener. From the razor sharp guitars to the storytelling lyrics, the chorus is sure to be stuck in your head all summer. Taking influence from bands like Mammoth WVH, Foo Fighters, and Turnstile, Split Persona is sure to make an impact this year starting with “Do It Again”.

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