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Dog Ate My Homework is The Qwarks’ New Single | E.A.Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
The Qwarks are back with a new cool single ‘Dog Ate My Homework’ and I want to share my thoughts about it.

Dog Ate My Homework is The Qwarks’ New Single | E.A.Poets

The rhythmic cadence of this song entertained me from the first seconds.

The melody in some moments reminded me of the Beatles. A compositional approach that looks to the past but maintains the signature style of this band.

The guitar solo has Brian May overtones … what do you think?

The musical arrangements are rich and intricate. The Qwarks’ creativity is like a bottle of champagne. The Bubbles are a thousand ideas these guys have in their minds.

The thing I like most about this band is that they manage to be free in their compositional approach.

The Qwarks just follow their instinct and have a lot of fun while doing it. Their music is something unique and it is always a pleasure to listen to their new songs.

Dog Ate My Homework is The Qwarks’ Single Out Now!


Dog Ate My Homework is The Qwarks’ New Single | E.A.Poets

‘Dog Ate My Homework’ is a journey of riff-based verses, and big open choruses with pop sensibilities. The words perhaps raise more questions than answers. Why is the ‘person rolling down the stairs’ in the chorus and why are they surprised? How does this relate to ‘cats living in sin’, ‘rummaging in bins’, ‘orienteering with shredded up maps’ and indeed ‘dogs eating homework’.

Well, sometimes songs orient around a clear theme where you write towards this identified point, but sometimes songs emerge from a mystical ether where the song is already written and the writer is simply a vessel for it to touch down. Johnstone genuinely seems to believe that the song was delivered to him in the garden by an unknowable mysterious source. He hates to admit this in public though, and calls it spiritual mumbo jumbo and starts talking about football if this is brought up.

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