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Dogs Are Turning Blue and Pink in Russia

People in Russia were taken aback by the blue-furred dogs on the roads. It was mid-February, Aleksei Ganine first shared the pictures of blue-furred dogs on a Russian Social Media Platform, Vkontakte (VK).

Dogs Are Turning Blue and Pink in Russia

The pictures have left people confused, startled, and ambiguous since then. According to reports, people first saw the dog near Dzerzhinsky orgsteklo plant, a shuttered chemical factory that closed down some six years ago due to a financial crisis.

Everybody is busy finding the facts behind this mystery. As people saw the dogs near Dzerzhinsky orgsteklo, an abandoned chemical factory, this discoloration could be due to their exposure to a chemical residue. Reportedly Dzerhinsk is one of the contaminated regions of the country.

While, some think they are dogs from a rare breed, while many still are ambiguous and unclear about the cause. Reportedly the company had been involved in the production of Plexiglass and hydrocyanic acid that is highly toxic. The dogs might have been in contact with copper sulfate (a fluorescent blue element), used in the production of the above chemicals.

In humans, this chemical tends to cause inflammation, can damage blood cells, kidneys, and liver with severe exposure resulting in death. So, chemical contact could be one of the reasons behind the discoloration of dogs.

Zoozashchita veterinary hospital also blames some chemicals for the blue hue. They also explained that they are physically fit and eating well. The chemicals have not affected them physically.

The manager brushed off blame for restoring the dogs’ natural color. He refused that he will not bear the expense of catching stray animals and sterilizing them.

This case was still under debate when people witnessed some dogs with pink fur near the Kristall Defense plant, a snow-covered area in Dzershinsk. The vets are ensuring their safe health. Since no one has volunteered to take the puppies, there are plans to release them soon.

Dogs Are Turning Blue and Pink in Russia

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