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Don’t You Let ‘Em Is BAYWUD’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
the unstoppable BAYWUD will entertain us with a new single titled Don’t You Let ‘Em.

Don’t You Let ‘Em Is BAYWUD’s New Single

The theme covered by this song is very important as many people struggle with depression every day.

When your mind does not leave you alone, the world becomes a prison and you find yourself lost in a reality that no longer belongs to you.

If you are strong and lucky enough to be able to get out of this bad situation you will be a stronger person because those situations forge your personality.

I am sure that many people will find solace in listening to this beautiful song that tries to give hope to people who have ended up in the abyss.

The sweet melody and the magnificent interpretation of BAYWUD fill the heart and manage to transfer energy that gives you the strength to go on and fight this invisible enemy.

10 out of 10!

Don’t You Let ‘Em Is BAYWUD’s New Single Out Now!


Don’t You Let ‘Em Is BAYWUD’s New Single

“Don’t You Let Them” BAYWUD’s third single in 2022. The song is about facing the dark side of the mind that
shows it’s face in times of struggle and self-doubt. It’s about fighting those voices in our heads that don’t serve
us and try to tear us down when we are at our lowest. Inspired by BAYWUD’s own personal relationship and battle with depression, “Don’t You Let Them” is ultimately an uplifting song that reminds us to love ourselves, fight for our lives and our mental health, and continue to survive and thrive in the world.


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