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Dopehead is Velour Fog’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Velour Fog’s single “Dopehead” introduces us to a band of exceptional musicians who have clearly devoted a significant amount of time to perfect their craft.

Dopehead is Velour Fog’s Single Out Now

Their ability to seamlessly blend various influences is incredible, and the result is a powerful and distinctive sound.

You can feel the alchemy among the band members, and it’s evident that they’ve put in the hours in the rehearsal room to create something fantastic. This commitment to their music shines through in the song.

In “Dopehead,” listeners can detect a fusion of influences. The chorus carries shades of Alice in Chains, providing a familiar yet fresh hook.

In the verses and bridges, echoes of Limp Bizkit and Rage Against The Machine can be heard, contributing to the dynamic and engaging nature of the track.

One of the standout moments in the song is the guitar solo, which serves as a showcase of both technical skills and artistic taste. It adds an extra layer of depth to the music and highlights the band’s exceptional musicianship.

Velour Fog has established a solid musical vision and a distinctive sound that is powerful and engaging. “Dopehead” is a prime example of their talent, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for an invigorating rock experience.

Dopehead is Velour Fog’s Single Out Now!



‘Velour Fog’ are a 4 piece British rock band heralding from the outskirts of London, deemed as the next emerging talent, we are the UK’s answer to a new wave of rock. Serving listeners a fest of stone-cold riffs, tasty licks, rapid guitar shredding, and a smackdown of beats combined with almighty drums and big vocals that get heads banging for all the right reasons.

Formed in 2020, the band is led by frontman, lead guitarist and songwriter, Jake aka ‘Snakebite’ with fingers that flow faster than lightning across the frets, and whose powerhouse vocals are invigorantly intoxicating. New drummer Tyler is the engine room of the band and it’s rhythms, the rock steady backbone giving Velour Fog its intensity and groove. Whilst rhythm guitarist Marshall aka ‘Herculez’ is known for his hypnotic, spell binding and often shocking stage moves. Completing the line-up is Naois Bonar aka ‘Bone’ his skateboarding skills are only surpassed by his bass playing as he lets his fingers do the walking and his tache do the talking.

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