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Down But Not Out is Bones In Butter’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
It’s always a pleasure when there’s a new song to listen to by this artist. I’ve been following his endeavors for a long time.

Down But Not Out is Bones In Butter’s Single

The new single Down But Not Out demonstrates once again the great compositional refinement of Bones In Butter.

The melodic line comforts you with the warm tone of the voice but the theme addressed in the lyrics is very important.

Especially in this period, where the world seems to walk on a minefield. We continue to live our lives which however are conditioned by the decisions of corrupt people who are in power.

An important prerogative of Bones In Butter’s compositional style is precisely that of trying to stimulate creative thinking in the listener, not only with music but also with words.

His artistic vision is reconfirmed and Milutin Krašević seems to raise the bar every time a little more.

10 out of 10!

Down But Not Out is Bones In Butter’s Single Out Now!


Down But Not Out is Bones In Butter’s Single

The song is a tale about ordinary people living, suffering and surviving in a hostile environment dominated by a malevolent, corrupt and immoral elite.

Bones in Butter are a Serbian act led by Milutin Krašević. It is a fusion of players from all around the Belgrade alternative music scene: six creative minds with several years of touring and band experience to their name, Luna Škopelja (vocals and samples), Todor Živković (guitars), Dejan Škopelja (bass), Tom Fedja Franklin (drums) and Srdjan Popov (mixing).

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