Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Drums of War (feat. Bravo Bonez) is LearningToDive's Single
Drums of War (feat. Bravo Bonez) is LearningToDive’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
LearningToDive is back with a new introspective and deep tune titled Drums of War (feat. Bravo Bonez).

Drums of War (feat. Bravo Bonez) is LearningToDive’s Single

The atmosphere created by this song perfectly describes the horror of war.

I fully share the vision of LearningToDive. An artist who has developed critical thinking and who doesn’t let himself be plagiarized by the media.

Bravo Bonez aka LearningToDive is not afraid to express his opinion and address such a hot topic with sincerity.

We all know that there are many interests perpetrated by the world powers under the war in Ukraine

The media told us a predefined story and always tries to confuse public opinion. Why aren’t we talking about Nord Stream 2 for example? Such a catastrophic event for the planet was put on the back burner…yet there was someone who had openly said that the Pipeline had to be stopped.

LearningToDive wants to stimulate us to open our eyes. His song manages to make us feel the pain and madness of war but inside the words of this tune, there is a deep meaning that encourages us to see beyond.

A beautiful song that I recommend to everyone.

Drums of War (feat. Bravo Bonez) is LearningToDive’s Single Out Now!

Deep and Intense!

Drums of War (feat. Bravo Bonez) is LearningToDive’s Single

Producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist Bravo Bonez, under his LearningToDive identity, is releasing the first single “Drums of War”, off an upcoming EP. LearningToDive (LTD) as an identity, focuses on Bravo’s more serious thoughts and perspectives on society and the planet. Distinct from his usual upbeat, retro or lo-fi focused tones, LTD as an identity explores alternative themes with darker more complex layers. Bravo has always had a rather cynical attitude towards war, and the way populations are manipulated to achieve the aims of small groups of very powerful people.

The Ukraine War has really affected him, and although he strongly believes in the right of the Ukrainian people to defend their homeland and their society, he also sees some of the same features of many other wars on both sides of the conflict. “Drums of War” is an emotional reaction to the way wars are built, and promoted. Trip hop is the core driver of this track although it is less syncopated, and more driven than one would expect out of that genre. Drums, horns, pianos and choirs fill the song out into its emotional climax.

Credits: Written and composed by Bravo Bonez. Co-produced by Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers, Mel C) and Bravo Bonez, engineered and mixed by Clint Murphy (Enter Shikari, 50 Cent). Features additional vocals by Alba Rose and drums by Greg Haver. Released on the PureSound label. Recorded at PureSound Studios in New Zealand. Mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound, Nashville, USA.

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