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E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like – Half Watt Aströnaut

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Half Watt Aströnaut. I discovered this amazing band while shuffling songs on Youtube and I instantly liked their weird but fascinating melodies and sounds.

Definitely, a different band that works a lot on sounds that are certainly not common. Also, the construction of the song is very interesting with a chord progression never taken for granted and always original.

The guitar riffs are very beautiful and engaging and their songs give a lot of energy.

These guys do not leave you quiet for a second because their songs vary a lot taking you to different universes and always surprising you with something new.

Surely they are very creative and original, if you’re open to something sharp and different this band is for you.

Blue Collar is Half Watt Aströnaut’s new single out now!


Music that leaves you breathless with continuous
melodic and rhythmic changes


Blue Collar is an ode to everyone that never stopped working through the pandemic. It’s our way of appreciating the underappreciated. Half Watt Aströnaut is highly unconventional, playing as a two piece band, but still manage to maintain the sonic fullness of a bigger band.

We play raw, true-to-life music about what we face daily. Half Watt is known for their wild and high energy live shows, which often find band members running throughout the crowd in astronaut suits, guitarist Nic Blankenship using his head and guitar to play cymbal parts, and the occasional ingestion of lit cigarettes onstage.

We are hoping to gain more people at our live shows and on tour after the pandemic, and we believe that features in blogs, playlists, and journals would be helpful in introducing more people to our shows. That being said, we are strong believers in scene unity and also send praise and share sites that take the time to share their opinions of our music.


Find Half Watt Aströnaut Here:


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