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Earn $ 1300 To Watch 13 Horror Movies

FinanceBuzz is looking for a Horror Movie Heart Rate Analyst.

Earn $ 1300 To Watch 13 Horror Movies

A real film critic, and is willing to pay $ 1,300 to the daredevil who agrees to see 13 horror films in October. This is a survey to understand if the budget spent on making a horror film affects its ‘effectiveness’ in frightening the viewer.

Coinciding with the arrival of Halloween, the scariest month of the year, we are dying to know if very expensive horror films are also a guarantee of more effective scares, than those made with a reduced budget

 Help us find out if a movie’s budget really affects your reactions when you watch it.

To monitor the reactions and understand if the horror film is actually having an effect, the viewer hired by the agency will have to wear a bracelet that measures the heartbeat while watching the films. Taking part in the draw to hope to win this chance is easy – just register on the company’s website, fill out a form and explain why you think you are the right person for the challenge.

There is time until September 26 to submit your candidacy, while the winner will be announced on October 1.

But what are the 13 movies? They range from films produced with a very limited budget (such as Paranormal Activity, made with just $ 15,000 but which grossed more than 193 million at the box office) to decidedly more expensive films (such as Annabelle, which cost the production well 6.5 million. dollars), just to see if the difference in spending can correspond or not to a difference in the quality of the film. Here is the full list:

Earn $ 1300 To Watch 13 Horror Movies

Amityville Horror
A Quiet Place
A Quiet Place Part 2
The Blair Witch Project
Get Out
The Purge
Halloween (2018)
Paranormal Activity

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