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Edgar Allan Poe-Themed Bookstore Exists And It’s a Real Poe’s Tavern

A Real Poe’s Tavern

All book lovers have a recurring dream of strolling into a near-infinite library of their design. The collection of books has to not only be surplus in number but also be carefully curated and well shelved into genres and tastes. There are all sorts of themed bookstores you can find all over the world, but one particular one in South Carolina has certainly caught our attention. Aside from a large collection of new and used books, you can also see vintage posters, vinyl, and Edgar Allan Poe-inspired decor.

This book store is called Nevermore Books and it’s worth checking out in Beaufort, SC. This will be one bookshop experience that you’d never had before. Just look at these artifacts, you have it all, from gargoyles galore and hand-written signage in the old script to… wait for it… ravens! Yes, Poe’s special bird is always around the corner. All the decor that you can avail here is over the top and is just one of the reasons people keep coming back to NeverMore. Yes, the place is frequently filled with book-lovers and Poe-fans alike.

NeverMore is a fine destination book shop that is worthy of a first visit, if not many more. You will find the store’s layout to be quite impressive, and the unique variety of decor that’s available for sale makes it a terrific place to shop. There is a lot of time to be spent at the place itself. You will find a few comfortable sitting options that are carefully situated in the somewhat more quiet spots that have fewer people. These are good spots to kick back, relax and go through your stack of finds. There is a huge selection of books, and that includes new releases, used favorites, and even hard-to-find rare first editions.


The owners of the store are a friendly bunch who are locals to the area. They are always willing to help out to find the best book in their “hand cut” collection so feel free to approach them if you are looking for something in particular. The Edgar Allan Poe references are all over the place, from the amazing vintage posters to the collection of gargoyles. The entire place is a warm retreat for the soul and a great space for the mind to expand. The location of the bookstore is at downtown Beaufort on Business US Highway 21 at Craven Street, which is quite close to the waterfront. It’s worth remembering if you ever happen to find yourself in this part of South Carolina. You can find their social media page here!

Nevermore Bookstore

If you liked this place, then you might also have a good time at this Edgar Allan Poe-inspired restaurant called Poe’s Tavern in Charleston. This is a marvelously moody place where you will enjoy the food just as much as the cool decor. According to OnlyInYourState, there are two more locations of Poe’s Tavern, one in Wrightsville Beach, NC, and another in Atlantic Beach, FL. You’ll find the original at 2210 Middle St., Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482 though.

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