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Edgar Allan Poets’ 555 Album Out Now

It all started with these 13 songs. E.A.Poets have been working on this album for many years and only now have they decided it was the right time to release it.

A sequence of epic, deep, and emotional songs. Every detail in the arrangements, execution, and recording was treated with maniacal obsession.

Edgar Allan Poets are sincerely proud of this work as their life is inside these notes.

Edgar Allan Poets’ 555 Album Out Now

Edgar Allan Poets 555 Album


The album will be available to the public from the 7th of April and only 555 copies have been printed. Each copy will be manually numbered and the purchase of the Cd is linked to a concept of virtual reality.

The album can only be purchased here


You will find a pyramid divided into 24 levels on the landing page. At the lower levels, the Cd costs less.
Each buyer of 555 will be given a piece of land in the virtual city created by Edgar Allan Poets called Noiris. Your position on the map, your social status will be defined by how much you are willing to pay for the Album.

More than just a Cd 555 it is also an NFT project linked to the Metaverse.

The Edgar Allan Poets are working hard so that Noiris can become a melting pot where the Noir inhabitants can use the city for their projects and visions. The band will perform virtual concerts in Noiris and NFT exhibitions are also scheduled in the future.

Edgar Allan Poets’ 555 Album Out Now

Edgar Allan Poets realize that the price of the album is very high, at least for copies with lower numbers, but since they didn’t decide that a song was worth only a single dollar and since there are NFTs of monkeys that sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars they believe that it is time to give the right price to their music for all the efforts and sacrifices they have made to carry out this work.

Edgar Allan Poets do not expect that everyone can understand their philosophy and they take into account that maybe many copies will not be sold.

The band suggests that the best time to listen to these songs is 5.55 am or 5.55 pm


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