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Edgar Allan Poets New Single Clepsydra

Good Day Noir Family,

we continue to compose songs and share them with you hoping that they can touch your soul.

Making music is everything to us and it’s really nice when a song is ready.

This time we decided to compose a very intense Noir Rock Ballad ‘Clepsydra’ that slowly grows until the final explosion.
A bit like life … we grow up and then we think that death is the end but maybe it is a new beginning even more beautiful than what we have lived on this earth.

Edgar Allan Poets New Single Clepsydra

Time passes inexorably on our lives and we try to learn to live every day a little more. Perhaps one day we will understand everything as the wave breaking on the shore or as a shooting star that dissolves as it enters the atmosphere. Each grain of sand in the “Clepsydra” is a second of our lives, I wish you that your life path is as beautiful as mine.

“A profound ballad that wants to speak directly to your heart”

The Edgar Allan Poets are an alternative band that promotes a dark and intense sound that’s being called noir rock. Their music is a mix of grunge guitars, classical strings, and lyrics that evoke tales shrouded in shadow and mystery. The Poets are two rock noir artists inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe.

As a writer, I’m always looking for different music with deep lyrics to set the tone of my latest writings and this band’s music is just what I was looking for. They have a unique sound that really gets to the soul of your mood. This is great stuff and I’m looking forward to listening to some of their other work.” S.K



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