Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Edgar Allan Poets' New Single White Noise Out March 25th
Edgar Allan Poets’ New Single White Noise Out March 25th

Good Day Noir Family,

We are pleased to announce that Edgar Allan Poets will be releasing their new single “White Noise” on March 25.

White Noise Cover- Edgar Allan Poets

A very intense song, a crescendo of emotions.

Lyrics that speak of what we perceive of this reality, can we really see everything? Or are our eyes also capable of deceiving us?

Maybe we can see more with our eyes closed and even a person, that for our senses, is far away can actually be close and give us comfort.

The song grows slowly and then explodes at the end, at the moment in which finally everything becomes clear and understandable.

The band will follow this single with another single “Last Dance” scheduled for May 6th and then another one for the end of June.

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The band’s catalog will be enriched with three new pieces. Edgar A.Poets speculate that they will be releasing 6 new songs this 2021, and most importantly they will be looking for new inspiration and collaborations with other artists.

As always stay tune because Noir Rock never stops.

Here in world exclusive the lyrics of White Noise

You are always there for me

now your skin is getting dry

you have always cared for me

All around just white noise 

drops of water clinging to the window pane

holding on to their lives

weeping willows slowly dancing in the rain

swayed by the wind  


you were always there for me      

when I spoke you always smiled

now you are sleeping right next to me

You’ve never been so far away 

All the moments that we shared are real

Printed on my skin and bones


Now it’s your time to free yourself and be yourself

in a brand new life

I’ll be watching you and I will learn to fly

Waiting for my time


Sparks of light

moments of my life with you

fireflies in the night

Screaming whisper

That is all I hear inside

Not your time, not your time, not your time, time time 


I can see you there 

I can feel your ecstasy your liberty

I can see you now

I can feel you now

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