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Edging is First Frontier’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
First Frontier are back and they want to rock your day, are you ready to unleash the wilderness sleeping in you?

The energy that the music of this duo releases is contagious and effective.

When you start listening to the new single Edging you are literally catapulted to CBGB when the Ramones made the audience’s armpits sweat with songs that didn’t make you breathe for a second.

This First Frontier song has the same irreverence as those punk songs … it has the same chaotic, raw beat that keeps you from sitting still.

With this song you have to go wild, you have to shake off the problems and live in the now.

These guys know how to do it, they are the reincarnation of The White Stripes but with the English culture and style behind them.

Their songs are always great, powerful, and solid with no strings attached.

Edging is First Frontier’s Single Out Now!

Wild and Free!


EDGING is a about the frustration of trying to achieve something but never quite making it to where you want to be. That feeling when you’re expending energy, fuel, time, hope but every time you stop to check how far you’ve come, you’ve barely moved. This is a song for anybody who ever tried a thing and it didn’t work out as planned. It’s an ode to every plan gone awry, every dream tarnished, every attempt missed. And it’s an homage all of those people who get up, brush themselves off, and keep on trying.

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