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E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like – Eli Gauden

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Eli Gauden, I discovered this artist on Youtube and I instantly liked the magic vibes of her music.

Imagine a drone flying over a fjord to the Seven Sisters Waterfall in Norway. Imagine green forests and large expanses of moss.

Breathe in the cold of northern winters and be breathless as you watch the aurora borealis…

Imagine doing all this while listening to Eli Gauden‘s songs and you’ll realize you’ve found the perfect soundtrack to describe this wonderland.

A light and magical voice will tell you simple but deep stories that will keep you glued to the speakers from the first to the last second.

Essential arrangements and mostly acoustic instrumentation complete the ethereal vision of this talented artist.

The mix of songs is perfect. It is made to bring out, even more, the singing qualities of Eli Gauden but without forgetting the instrumental aspect that stands out with interesting harmonic choices.

Nameless Things is Eli Gauden’s Single Out Now!

The magic of a northern land told us in music!


Quote: “I recorded Nameless Thing in my bedroom when Í all of a sudden felt the urge to release a song on my birthday, which was only 2 weeks away.

What originally was a folk/guitar-based song, ended up a floating, vulnerable, and scarce tune, with a focus on lyrics and the uncertainty and heartbreak the song is based upon“. -Eli

“Gauden’s vocal qualities fit perfectly in, stroking softly the listener’s ears, as a mother would do with her children,” said Your Ears on Music about Eli’s latest EP Call My Name.

Indeed, Eli’s Eva Cassidy-like vulnerability and sincerity is what grabs you in and leave you wanting more. There is an open, honest value to Eli’s songwriting which immediately offers a cathartic release to her music. Guitar roots and open tuning allow for a delta-blues vibe whilst the vocals carry a sweet clarity that resonates within the listener.

Eli Gauden lives on a small farm in a small village(Norheimsund) on the coast of Norway. During three years in Boston, roots music slowly grew upon Eli and has followed her back to Norway where it now has come to be a unique mix of American roots and indie ballade. By combining the honesty and complexity of her own stories with the simplicity of the roots, she expresses the darkest emotions with an angle-like touch.

“We can’t get enough!.” wrote Gas Mask Magazine after the release of Cottonheart. A statement many can agree on. Eli has a grace and naturalness on stage which makes you feel like she absolutely belongs in the venue.

Eli has played festivals and shows in the US, south Europe, and is now centered on the Norwegian music scene. Her latest EP, Call my name. single, Cottonheart received beautiful reviews nationally and globally and she is now preparing for the fall and a new series of concerts.

Find Eli Gauden Here:


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