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Embodiment (duet) is Claire Bigley’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Claire Bigley is back with this new version of her song Embodiment. I personally believe that this duet adds something magical to the whole song.

Embodiment (duet) is Claire Bigley’s Single

There is no doubt that this artist is capable of stimulating deep emotions.

Even without the cello, this song was already particularly touching. With the addition of this melancholy instrument Embodiment (duet) becomes a pure passion.

While listening to this melody I imagined the thick fog of the Polish lowlands. I got lost in the white fading into infinity and became a part of it all.

This music is pure emotion, I had goosebumps. The piano and the cello marry perfectly and together they manage to amplify the hidden meaning of this track.

A sweet and nostalgic melody that seems to describe a life that ends and one that is reborn. The moment in which everything seems to be over and instead a new beginning appears before our eyes.

Claire Bigley had a wonderful intuition in wanting to collaborate with cellist Jami Sieber…Embodiment (duet) is now a masterpiece

Embodiment (duet) is Claire Bigley’s Single Out Now!


Embodiment (duet) is Claire Bigley’s Single

“I released Embodiment as a piano solo in September and at that time knew I would also be releasing a duet version of the track. While recording the piano tracks to this I always heard cello with it and I was lucky to be able to collaborate with Jami Sieber. I love how the two instruments dance and enhance one another on this track. I find it beautifully heartwrenching.”

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