Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | End of Proof are back with a new single 'Sad Kids Having Fun'
End of Proof are back with a new single ‘Sad Kids Having Fun’

Good Day Noir Family,
End of Proof is back with a new single and I want to share my thoughts about it.

This new beautiful song proposed by this talented artist is very nostalgic and manages to make you relive the atmosphere of past experiences, like when you open a drawer and find old yellowed polaroids inside.

The production is simple and direct, ideal for letting these emotions exude. The vocal melody touches deep chords capable of moving you.

End of Proof has succeeded with his new single ‘Sad Kids Having Fun’ to photograph a moment of life that we have all experienced at least once.

That moment when you come home and the memories surface and bring tears to your eyes.
Go and listen to this cool song, it is worth it!

Sad Kids Having Fun is End of Proof’s Single Out Now!



Quote:“This song was inspired by the feeling you get when you go back to your hometown after many years away. Walking down the same roads getting flashbacks and memories everywhere you go. I imagine many people will experience these nostalgic feelings going back to their families over Christmas.

The second verse describes how our drummer and I lived when we were younger. Emo kids staying up late, drinking, skating and not really thinking about the future at all”.

Find End of Proof Here:


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