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Endeavour is Daire Barefoot’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured Artist is Daire Barefoot and his single Endeavour.

Endeavour is Daire Barefoot’s Single

This music has the ability to make you fly with your imagination.

As soon as I pressed the play button and this melody began to fill the room, electrical impulses stimulated my neurons which created oneiric visions in front of my eyes.

Surely we are faced with a great musician with developed artistic taste and with a great compositional experience behind him.

The guitar’s intense and sweet melodic lines made me imagine walking in the desert under a full moon. In that immensity, I felt free and for a moment I seemed to understand the universal energy that surrounds us.

This is Daire Barefoot’s debut single but the compositional maturity is already qualitatively very high.

A nice discovery that I recommend to everyone.

Endeavour is Daire Barefoot’s Single Out Now!


Endeavour is Daire Barefoot’s Single

Daire Barefoot (Guitar, Synth & Production) Christian Black (Drums & Mastering)

Endeavour started as the simple chordal motif that is heard at the intro of the song. The body and structure of the song were actually composed and arranged during it’s recording. Being in Db Minor this piece conveys a darker tonic (fundamental) tone than typical Drop D or even standard tracks might. The palette consists of a crisp clean guitar with a backing of double bass and impressive cymbal work on the drums. As for the general concept Endeavour is simply about a journey from one place to another. An undertaking of which the narrator knows not what may come. Beginning with the tranquility and primal innocence of a forest, the listener is pulled in only to realize that they too have become part of the journey. As the first thunderclap sounds, we set off marching upon a winding trail to a place where fear and conflict fall at our feet. Once our metaphorical task is complete, the song undergoes a transformation back to it’s original motif as we find our way trudging back to whence we came.

Daire Barefoot is an artist based out of Wilmington, North Carolina. He has found inspiration through a combination of classical compositions alongside modern math rock artists such as Manuel Gardner Fernandes, Polyphia, and Ichika Nito. Aside from his influences, Daire has created his own heavily sustained chordal harmony style through his theoretical understandings and innate rhythmic disposition. The single itself was produced out of Wilmington, North Carolina in collaboration with School House Studios. Local artist Christian Black (of duo Holy Heat & owner of School House Studios) provided drums and mastering for the track.

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