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Endless Climb is Lettie and David Baron’s Album

Good Day Noir Family,
Lettie and David Baron are back this time with a full album titled Endless Climb.

Endless Climb is Lettie and David Baron’s Album

The musical alchemy that Lettie and David Baron have managed to create gives me goosebumps.

Their music, even if it looks to the past, is modern especially nowadays if we think of the soundtrack of Stanger Things for example… a type of sound that never goes out of fashion and that is always rediscovered by new generations.

The thing that makes Lettie and David Baron stand out is that their way of composing music is innovative. David’s arrangements and vision are incredibly detailed and Lettie’s voice is the icing on the cake to complete this beautiful musical universe.

Endless Climb is a nostalgic and intriguing experience. As I was listening to these beautiful songs, I imagined myself watching the raindrops slowly slide down the window pane. Small and eternal moments that make you feel alive… just like these songs.

Some melodies made me think about Massive Attack but the compositional style is so original that it is difficult to compare it to other artists.

This album is a gem…10 out of 10!

Endless Climb is Lettie and David Baron’s Album Out Now!

Just Fantastic!

Endless Climb is Lettie and David Baron’s Album

The album Endless Climb written in collaboration with David Baron began in 2017 and is more than a collaboration for I would argue I had less of a part to play in the overall result. I cannot reach those musical heights that David Baron reaches time and time again.  I am an amateur; self-taught on many instruments and losing my classical training on the piano.  However, the result of the album is something of an outsider art piece.  Perhaps the innocence that prevails in the collaboration – we don’t seek prizes and we write honestly – is its greatest strength.  

As two different people on opposite sides of the Atlantic it is always a tremendously interesting result – our shared love of unusual instruments, film music, classical music informs this album in a way that is without pretension and perhaps has its own place somewhere in the musical universe.  I am grateful to John at Here & Now Recordings for curating it.  I learnt over the course of 5 years that less is more and the nine tracks which include two instrumentals hopefully does not outstay it’s welcome. 


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