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Every Day is Angie McLaughlin’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Angie McLaughlin in the past but this talented artist is back with a new single and I want to share my opinion about it.

Every Day is Angie McLaughlin’s Single Out Now

This song reminded me of the Gospels and charged me with energy. A blues with an ancestral charm that beats to the rhythm of your heart.

As I was listening to this song I pictured myself walking the streets of New Orleans strutting like John Travolta in the final scene of Staying Alive.

Angie McLaughlin’s voice has black vibes, it has those deep, warm African American undertones. This adds to Every Day the right energy and helps it to become an inspirational song.

I suggest to everyone listening to this tune in the morning to start the day right. A song that seems to tell you to hold on because every day we are getting closer to the light…we have to think positively.

Honestly, I liked everything about this tune. The interpretation, lyrics, and performance are absolutely fantastic.

Every Day is Angie McLaughlin’s Single Out Now!


Every Day is Angie McLaughlin’s Single Out Now

‘Every Day’ is the second single from  Angie McLaughlin’s upcoming debut record ‘The Boy is Gone’ which will be released later this summer. The track is about grief but finding that sense of hope and is more upbeat than her previous single ‘Joy’. The music video really helps to amplify the track as it is set in black and white to demonstrate the sense of grief and darkness but it bursts into colour and finds that sense of hope and light.

Angie McLaughlin is a Scottish folk songwriter, vocalist and musician with strong connections to Donegal where her dad was from. She grew up in the west coast of Scotland and moved to Dublin for college. She then emigrated to San Francisco where she first focused seriously on her songwriting and vocals, learning operatic arias through The Community Music Centre in The Mission district.

On her return to Dublin in 2004, she joined forces with Gary Fitzpatrick and formed The Sick and Indigent Song Club who released four albums, ‘Live at the Ha’Penny’, ‘Inistioge Folly’, ‘Punch Drunk’ and ‘Shinbone Ally’ which received high praise from major publications such as The Irish Times, Hotpress and many more.

Her splinter group, Minnie and the Illywhackers allowed her to indulge in her passion for vintage pop and ukulele swing and the band released the album ‘Make Me Yours’.

McLaughlin is now embarking on her first solo project of 10 original songs which lead to the creation of her solo debut record ‘The Boy is Gone’ which will be due for release this year.

What began as a cathartic expression and a means of healing following the sudden loss of her husband, turned into an album of rich and authentically raw songs. ‘The Boy Is Gone’ was produced by Martin Stephenson (of the Daintees). McLaughlin is drawn to genres strong in storytelling and the influence of folk, country and the blues is evident in her music and lyrics.

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