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Everything is TruckerBomb’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
TruckerBomb has a new single out now…are you ready for this experience?

Everything is TruckerBomb’s Single

The vibes of this song, from the beginning, made me think of bands like REM.

This track has a nostalgic melody that makes you travel with your imagination.

The vocal interpretation is fantastic and the sound blend that the female and male voices manage to create is truly magical.

Everything is a song that really touched me, in some way it spoke to my heart and my soul.  I closed my eyes and imagined flying the great American plains with herons.

Troy Richardson has outdone himself this time by composing this song. I frankly believe that Everything is a hit as it seems to hide a secret which makes it very intriguing.

The performance by all the band’s members is impeccable.

10 out of 10!

Everything is TruckerBomb’s Single Out Now!


Everything is TruckerBomb’s Single

The eighth single from one of LA’s most talented songwriters and his popular live band deals with existential dread, what we want and need, and what ultimately makes us happy. The track features dark, emotional, and heartfelt lyrics from Troy Richardson. A stand-out performance on guitar and backing vocals can be heard from Peruvian Ursula Lari. Evocative lyrics challenge the listener to make their own decisions as to the song’s deeper meaning. Americana meets rock, with a bit of country thrown in to make it interesting. The single was recorded at Stairway Studios by the legendary Fernando Perdomo.


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