Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | f r a c t u r e is FiveSidedDice's EP
f r a c t u r e is FiveSidedDice’s EP

Good Day Noir Family,
FiveSidedDice is back with a new Ep titled “f r a c t u r e”. Every time you listen to their new songs you discover new shades of the personality of this band.

f r a c t u r e is FiveSidedDice’s EP

Variety is what sets FiveSidedDice apart. Each song has a different story and approach.

Some are more towards alt/rock others more towards punk. You are in a world where Sugar Ray coexists with Sum 41.

This is the prerogative of this band … to be able to compose very different tunes, that however keep the FiveSidedDice hallmark.

The grooves, the voice, and the harmonic progression always have elements that bring you back to their peculiar musical universe.

The thing that I liked from the first moment I heard their music is that their songs are never boring. All these variations allow you to be entertained all the time.

Once more they reconfirm their great eclecticism and I recommend them to everyone.

f r a c t u r e is FiveSidedDice’s EP Out Now!


“f r a c t u r e” is a dark and emotive release, inspired mostly by heartache and feelings of alienation, depression, isolation, and bleak stages that people go through when feeling completely alone after a traumatic event of any kind. It is about coming to terms with healing oneself and nursing our own wounds, through music or art of any kind.

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