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Face The Feeling is Gabe Chase’ Single

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured Artist is Gabe Chase and his single Face The Feeling.

Face The Feeling is Gabe Chase’ Single

I really like it when musical projects start off on the right foot.

Gabe Chase is moving like a pro. To launch his album Face the Feeling he is building excitement by releasing singles to prepare the masses for his big debut.

The two singles now available are Toxic and Face the Feeling, the song that gives the album its title.

The thing that immediately struck me is the determination of this artist. He presents himself to the world with perfectly produced music and with a video for Toxic that is fantastic.

Every day 100,000 songs are published on Spotify so if you want to get noticed you have to do things right…Gabe Chase has understood this and he is playing all his cards to the max.

The sound is powerful. Alternative rock with hints of Alice in Chains and 90’s rock. The guitars are aggressive and the riffs catchy. The vocal interpretation is very peculiar… this artist certainly has a unique vocal timbre that makes him stand out from the crowd.

The chord progression is never obvious and banal and the dynamics of these songs keep you glued to the speakers from the first to the last second.

This is a nice discovery that I recommend to everyone. Stay tuned because the full album will be released in a few weeks 01/27/2023.

Face The Feeling is Gabe Chase’ Single Out Now!

Powerful and Direct!

Face The Feeling is Gabe Chase’ Single

No stranger to music, Gabe Chase grew up in a household of creativity and songwriting. A drummer from a young age, he often played with his dad and brother, who were both guitarists and songwriters. Gabe began trying to write songs on guitar early in his adulthood but the efforts often felt forced and unoriginal to him. It wasn’t until the isolation of the 2020 pandemic that an explosion of musical ideas came to him, and he picked up his guitar and wrote as often as ideas came and an instrument was in reach. He spent the next 2 years revising and improving this collection of original songs, soon to become his debut album, Face the Feeling.

As an album, Face the Feeling is a collection of the most cohesive 6 songs Chase wrote in that time period with inspirations that range from Tool and Jack White to Jonny Lang and Larkin Poe. As a lyricist, ideas came naturally when Gabe channeled the voice of his life hero Fred Rogers, combining the lyrics of an encouraging mentor with guitar riffs akin to inspirational innovators like Tom Morello. The album themes were inspired both by Gabe’s career experiences as a counselor and his own personal struggle with anxiety and loneliness during the isolation of Covid 19. Lyrically, the album is an unflinching look at struggles with suicidality, anxiety, and depression, ultimately offering hope for healing when we name our fears and live in community.

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