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Fairytale on Fire is SALT’s Album

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed SALT in the past but they are back with a new cool Album and I want to share my opinion about it.

Fairytale on Fire is SALT’s Album

This band had already impressed me the first time I listened to them and I must say that it’s always a pleasure to hear their new songs.

These guys have managed to create a musical blend that is futuristic and vintage at the same time.

Perhaps the thing I like most is the great catchiness of their songs which, however, are never commercial or banal.

Fairytale on Fire is a beautiful album, you need to listen to it several times in order to appreciate all its nuances. In some moments the chord progression and the effect on the singer’s voice reminded me of Muse.

This music made me fly with my imagination and I saw myself driving a spaceship to discover new worlds.

I hope that Spotify begins to give the right exposure to this band as they produce music of absolute quality.

Fairytale on Fire is SALT’s Album Out Now!


Fairytale on Fire is SALT’s Album

Fairytale on Fire was recorded, mixed and produced mastered by RL Woods (guitarist) in SALT. Recorded in Banana Row Studios Edinburgh and finished at SunnyLeith Studios. (Our house)

SALT are a band made up of wife and husband Sharon and Robin, with friends of the family on Simon and James.

We came together because we have loads of original songs and are still writing. Sharon and Simon used to be in a late 80’s pop band the Ruby Suit, Robin in a noisy post punk band Vatican Shotgun Scare. James, not born then. We are Edinburgh based.

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