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Falling Down (Blue) is The Killing Tapes’ Ep

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s feature band/duo is The Killing Tapes and their Ep Falling Down (Blue).

Falling Down (Blue) is The Killing Tapes’ Ep

The sound proposed by this duo is intriguing and magical.

Ethereal and nostalgic melodies that manage to penetrate the listener’s subconscious.

While listening to Falling Down (Blue) I closed my eyes and let myself be carried away by the flow of sound.

I started traveling the universe and for a moment I felt part of everything.

This crepuscular music can stimulate oneiric vision and trigger your neurons which activate your third eye.

The Killing Tapes compose refined music, with attention to every detail. All nuances are interesting and this Ep is to be enjoyed in small sips like a glass of aged whiskey.

I was blown away by this musical project these songs spoke directly to my soul and mesmerized me.

A great find that I recommend to everyone.

Falling Down (Blue) is The Killing Tapes’ Ep Out Now!

Ethereal and Unique!

Falling Down (Blue) is The Killing Tapes’ Ep

The Killing Tapes was formed in 2020 by Marcus Crede (Kreatur and others) and Peter Svensson (Mary Celeste, Hello Heartland). The lyrics and demos were presented to Peter by Marcus in the fall of 2020 and they immediately began to work on the material together. Shortly into the writing process they both realized that the songs were of such quality and importance, they begun the writing and recording of the album Black.

Musically The Killing Tapes is a unique mix of Alternative Rock and electronic instruments. They have used original 80s and 90s synths (KORG M1, M3, Wavestation, MS20, Yamaha PSR). It is not a retro album but the sounds of the gear and the way it is played gives a certain feeling of melancholy they both love.

Since June 2021 The Killing Tapes begun co-operation with Niels Nielsen (Ghost, In Flames, Dead Soul and more) as mixing engineer.

Find The Killing Tapes Here:


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