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Falling is Ruiz!’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,

Ruiz! is back with a new single Falling. This artist continues to produce beautiful songs one after the other.

Falling is Ruiz!’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

I am always fascinated when artists courageously follow innovative musical paths. It is as if artists like Ruiz! are able to inspire other musicians.

His musical vision opens up new artistic scenarios.

The careful choice of sounds and the maniacal search for an original atmosphere let Ruiz! to create his own sound.

In his compositional style, you can hear many influences from Depeche Mode to Pet Shop Boys but in reality, his music is difficult to label.

While listening to the new single Falling I imagined myself wandering aimlessly on the London Underground. Take random trains hoping to live new adventures…hoping to meet people able to inspire me.

Ruiz’s music! is just this… a journey to discover the world and to discover ourselves.

Falling is Ruiz!’s Single Out Now!

Mature and Unique!

Falling is Ruiz!’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Quote: “Falling was originally called Fate as I thought in these difficult times we seem to have had the wind knocked out of our sails in this ‘post’ covid world we are in” Hugh explains, “I think it’s important to get out there and go for our dreams again. For me, it’s essential that we seize the day, live in the now, be happy with what we have got, and not be upset about what we haven’t. Carpe Diem!”

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