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False Nostalgia is Unapologetically Melodic’s Ep | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
our “Edgar Allan Poets’ Artists/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Unapologetically Melodic and his Ep False Nostalgia. The atmosphere created by his music has bewitched me from the very first notes.

False Nostalgia is Unapologetically Melodic’s Ep | Edgar Allan Poets

This music fell on me like summer rain. Mild, sweet and refreshing.

The compositional skills of this artist know no limits. Odin Rush aka Unapologetically Melodic has the talent to translate his emotions into music.

The oneiric visions created by his mind, the result of life experiences, pass from his fingers to the keys of the piano and become frames of memories.

While listening to the songs of his new Ep False Nostalgia you can visualize beautiful and nostalgic scenarios.

The trees that lose their leaves in autumn, the smile of an unknown woman, the snow that slowly falls on the grass. Simple moments of life, which we often take for granted but which are capable of truly filling our soul.

The music of this artist is a gift and therapeutic and makes you discover unknown parts of your unconscious.

The production, interpretation, and execution are masterful.

A beautiful discovery that I recommend to everyone.

False Nostalgia is Unapologetically Melodic’s Ep Out Now!

Mesmerizing Experience!

False Nostalgia is Unapologetically Melodic’s Ep | Edgar Allan Poets

Odin Rush is an orchestral music composer from Canada. With over 20 years of experience in composing and producing music in various styles, from electronic rock to epic movie trailers, video game scores, and ambient fantasy tracks.

Odin’s music is unapologetically melodic, epic and cinematic in nature, he strives to revisit previous melodic styles with a fresh twist.

“During the past few months I’ve been working on a solo piano album. This project is very personal and dear to me. It’s not easy for me to explain the strong emotional connection I felt while working on this project, even the creative process was unusual – bursts of inspiration that seemingly came out of nowhere, were short lived, but enough for me to complete each piece while they lasted. “False Nostalgia” is a Neo-Classical album inspired by weird nostalgic emotions and false memories. Featuring 5 solo piano compositions that take the listener through a fictitious memory lane, back to the Victorian Era. Composed for 2 Pianos, 1 Piano and Cello.”

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