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Fat Tongue is The Margaret Hooligans’ Single | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed The Margaret Hooligans in the past but this Duo is back with a new cool single Fat Tongue and I want to share my opinion about it.

Fat Tongue is The Margaret Hooligans’ Single | Indie Music

The wild energy unleashed by this duo has infected me one more time.

The initial tribal rhythm made me dance like a Masai around a fire. Then suddenly the Masai warrior donned a black studded jacket and started giving the rest of the tribe the middle finger.

The Margaret Hooligans had already amazed me the first time I listened to them for their creativity that knows no bounds. With Fat Tongue they went even further and raised the bar reaching the edge of avant-garde.

The eclecticism of this duo is fantastic and it is nice to see people capable of expressing themselves so freely.

These guys don’t follow commercial rules but just their instinct and this allows them to conceive a unique sound.

I believe that the originality of their music will take them far.

Fat Tongue is The Margaret Hooligans’ Single Out Now!

Innovative and Wild!

Fat Tongue is The Margaret Hooligans’ Single | Indie Music

Our lives are inundated with notifications, social media, and pundits spewing egregious nonsense. The Margaret Hooligans are direct in their lyrical approach and proclaim that you have a “Fat Tongue” and the only solution is to keep it in your mouth. The intro gives way to a rock and roll bridge by way of a jumble of noisy drums, electric ukulele slides, and Mr. Strontium’s patented vocal heckling. This bleeds out into a combination of the spare soft shoe start with a rhythm reminiscent of “Tequila”, combined with the electric ukulele while Meg gleefully repeats the verse and chorus from the beginning of the song.

This duo may be the garage rock version of the violinists playing furiously while the Titanic sinks, but maybe they’re onto something with their simple solution.
Fat Tongue is the fourth single from their upcoming album, Turntable Tribulations, due out in October.

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