Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | FiveSidedDice are back with a new Ep "Baggage" 
FiveSidedDice are back with a new Ep “Baggage” 

Good Day Noir Family,
Baggage the new Ep of FiveSidedDice is out now. Are you ready to listen to some cool tunes?

Another solid work from this band that apparently continues to improve and gift us with magical moments through their music.

The vibes of these songs always unleash multiple sensations and the groove slowly takes hold of you and you begin to become part of the FiveSidedDice sound.

This Ep, as in the style of the band, experiments and manages to make different genres coexist, such as funk, blues, jazz, pop, rock, and each song takes you into a different musical universe.

Perhaps the song I like most is ‘Running Out of Life’, it creates a Noir/crepuscular atmosphere which then leaves room for a totally unexpected refined rap towards the end.

These guys always manage to amaze me, I’m already a fan of their project and I really love the variety of their music.

Absolutely reconfirmed!

Baggage is FiveSidedDice’s EP Out Now!


“Baggage” is comprised of five tasty tunes that once again span across the musical playing field, promising to be an interesting and memorable listen for music lovers of all kinds. Includes sounds of Pop Punk, Hip Hop, Blues, Jazz, Grunge Rock, as well as some folk/indie towards the end.

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