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Fixed Heart is Ratchet’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
our “Edgar Allan Poets’ Artists/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Ratchet and his single Fixed Heart. I found this artist on Spotify and I found his music intriguing.

Fixed Heart is Ratchet’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

The mysterious and crepuscular atmospheres of this artist’s music struck me.

A modern and innovative compositional style. Music that is difficult to label as it plays with dissonances and artistic intuitions that stand out from the crowd.

Surely Ratchet is an artist in evolution, in search of his musical universe, but who already proves to have a lot of talent.

When artists follow their instincts and not the rules of the music business they are on the right track to doing great things.

Originality and innovation are always rewarded in the end. The style offered by Ratchet has many influences that are expertly mixed into a single and brilliant sonic blend.

I’m sure this artist will go a long way, he just needs to keep refining his style.

Fixed Heart is Ratchet’s Single Out Now!

Epic and Modern!

Fixed Heart is Ratchet’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Ratchet is an 19 year old independent Indie artist based in the Netherlands. From trying to impress a girl by learning the guitar, he now makes music on a daily base and isn’t planning to stop anytime soon. His music is best described as a stroll in the middle of the night, through a lit up city. Every song has its own (dark) aesthetic and most of the time tells a story about Ratchet’s personal problems. He tries to be mysterious, but clear enough for everyone to enjoy his music.

While most of his songs are different in style and genre, they can all be connected. “Music has become more than just socializing for me,” he says. In the eyes of Ratchet, it’s a way to display his own feelings and emotions. Sometimes quite obvious and other times encrypted deep in the music. Although still being in school, Ratchet dreams of devoting his future to his music. A future beyond his formal bedroom studio

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