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Flowing River is Juliano’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Juliano in the past but this talented composer is back with a new single Flowing River and I want to share my opinion about it.

Flowing River is Juliano’s Single

This song is graceful and sweet like when the sun lights up your face in the early morning.

While listening to this beautiful melody I imagined seeing butterflies fly over a river and then land on a red flower on the bank.

Juliano manages to describe with his music small eternal moments of happiness. This song fills the heart with hope and is a therapeutic tune in such a difficult time for the world.

In these notes, I also felt a pinch of nostalgia that makes you wonder how life flows inexorably just like a river towards the sea.

The beautiful thing is that the sea then becomes vapor and rain and the cycle repeats itself forever…that’s the hope contained in this song.

Let’s enjoy the small moments of everyday life. Life is a poem like the notes of this magical composition.

Flowing River is Juliano’s Single Out Now!

Sweet and Magical!

Flowing River is Juliano’s Single

“I’m Juliano, a neoclassical composer who loves to write music for piano and orchestra. My music is inspired by many different themes such as nature, and emotions and different genres such as film music or classical music. My new piano piece Flowing River is inspired by the flowing water of a river. For me, it was like little drops of water performing a beautiful dance with each other. With my music, I want to give the listeners the possibility to forget everyday life.” 

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