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For Love is TROLN’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
TROLN is back with a new intense single and this is what I think about it.

For Love is TROLN’s Single

Another masterpiece by this band that to define interesting and magical is an understatement.

Their music has everything I look for in a band. It manages to move me deeply as their melodies touch strings of your soul that generally don’t vibrate.

The singer’s voice then works its magic and captures you, kidnaps you, and sends you away.

For Love is a fantastic song, in some moments it reminded me of Radiohead atmospheres. Somehow you feel the loneliness that comes with toxic love.

You must listen to this song several times in order to appreciate all the little nuances…enjoy it in small sips like a glass of aged whisky.

TROLN continues to amaze me song after song. Their vision is clear and the world needs this band.

10 out of 10!

For Love is TROLN’s Single Out Now!


For Love is TROLN’s Single

Just in time for Valentine’s Day TROLN releases a love song. It is not all rosy and nice though. Rather the song has elements of the tale of Bluebeard, the wife-killer, and the bleeding key, that gave away his true nature.

The song is meant as an encouragement for people living in abusive relationships to acknowledge, that what they might do for love – forgive, change, submit – might not be love at all.

For Love was written by TROLN singer Helene Navne after getting to know a woman who left an abusive relationship much like one, she was once in herself. It is recorded in TROLNs own studio mostly live and with a few dubs. For Love has TROLNs trademark dark beats paired with melodic beauty and with disrupting electronic noises as if there is something monstrous hiding in the basement.

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