Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | For Tomorrow is Nównøis's Single Out Now
For Tomorrow is Nównøis’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s feature artist is Nównøis and her single For Tomorrow.

For Tomorrow is Nównøis’s Single Out Now

This music is an ancestral experience.

Nównøis’ voice is enigmatic and hypnotic and takes you on an introspective journey to discover the most hidden corners of your unconscious.

The thing I liked most about Nównøis’ compositional style is her sincerity and the ability to take off her mask to make herself known for what she really is.

This artist likes to walk musical paths never traveled before. Her compositional approach is unique.

The video that accompanies the new single For Tomorrow is fantastic. The use of artificial intelligence fits perfectly with the futuristic vibes of this tune.

Nównøis bewitches you like an odalisque with her sensual movements and you feel like a cobra in front of its master.

A fantastic discovery that I recommend to everyone.

For Tomorrow is Nównøis’s Single Out Now!

Intriguing and Enigmatic!

For Tomorrow is Nównøis’s Single Out Now

I’m Nównøis – fka. NAGYEDi – London-based Hungarian singer, songwriter, and music producer.
After working with live bands for many years, I decided to take control over every aspect of my artistry. I started to produce my music in 2020 and released a few singles, still under the artist name NAGYEDi. During the learning and experimenting process, I have created a unique sound that complements my philosophical lyrics, and the overall messages and emotions I’d love to transmit. 

I had a strong feeling that my new, uniform tracks deserve a fresh start.
And here it comes: Nównøis. One of my missions is to exclusively collaborate with artists who share the same values. Levente has always been one of them. Our track ‘Golden Gray’ is deep, and melancholic, therefore the perfect single to kick off with, showcasing the mood that people can expect from me. A tiny bit less abstract.
From March on, I am going to release my new material step by step, hoping to provide emotional relief to those finding me.

Find Nównøis Here:


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