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Forgot to Tell Me is I Panic’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
let’s jump right into this new single “Forgot to Tell Me” by I Panic.

Forgot to Tell Me is I Panic’s Single Out Now

The vibes that this song moved me are positive.

A track that prepares you for summer and makes landscapes illuminated by sunlight pass before your eyes.

In Forgot to Tell Me I found some Ska and Punk influences combined with catchy harmonies, a hallmark of I Panic.

As usual in front of a joyful appearance, there is always that veil of nostalgia and brilliant lyrics that distinguish the compositional style of this artist.

I Panic is like a well that has songs instead of water. When he throws the bucket you never know what the next inspiration will be. It is precisely this unpredictability that makes the music of I Panic so fascinating.

A mature artist who expresses himself freely and who is not afraid to constantly embark on new artistic adventures.

Forgot to Tell Me is I Panic’s Single Out Now!


Forgot to Tell Me is I Panic’s Single Out Now

Forgot to Tell Me, is an energetic, up-tempo ska-punk / indie rock song, fitting to spring/summer vibes.

As usual, it blends different styles and influences and had some musical and lyrical twists. You might hear the angry young men of the early 80s, like Joe Jackson & Elvis Costello, you might the energy and delivery like The Clash and Goldfinger, but even some typical harmonies like The Beatles could be heard – and even a musical quote to a Disney movie.

Although maybe a bit less theatrical than previous I Panic songs, Forgot to Tell Me is also a story with a twist and loads of irony or sarcasm.

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