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Found is Near Death Experience’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Near Death Experience are unstoppable and they keep composing cool songs. Here we go with the new one “Found” are you ready to rock?

I loves this new single from the very first seconds.

The rhythmic cadence immediately ‘infected’ me and I began to feel the groove running through my veins and I started jumping around the room shouting … “when I lost my life”.

The chorus is really catchy and stays in your head for a long time after listening.

Near Death Experience manage to amaze me, this is perhaps the song that I liked the most of their catalog.

For a few minutes, I forgot about everyday problems and was literally mesmerized by this wonderful tune.

NDX don’t miss a beat, always great!

Found is Near Death Experience’s Single Out Now!

Great Rhythm!


‘Found’ opens with a soft rising guitar growl before the riff kicks in and the drums explode into a driving groove that comes to a sudden halt before the chorus immediately hooks the listener in. Further along the journey, a beautifully dark, dubby verse hints at the back story building to crescendo towards the chorus – and we’re off again!

Quite what the world will make of NDX’s latest curveball is anyone’s guess. What’s certain is the band’s song craft and ability to surprise and delight in equal measures. Guitarist Bill ‘The Professor’ Marten has created a killer riff to add to his beguiling guitar line collection, while singer Ian ‘Lightning’ Whiteling distills melody and emotion as he emphasises loss and love in his trademark fusion of rock and soul vocals.

As for the NDX rhythm section, bass man Amar ‘Groovemeister’ Grover lifts the chorus with his melodious lines, while taking the verse to an altogether dubbier place, strongly supported by drum maestro Isidoro ‘Rock’n’Roll’ Roltan with his gripping rhythms and fills. Not even three shots of Pfizer will render you immune!

Find Near Death Experience Here:


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