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Found The Body of Erika The Red The Viking Warrior Woman

Viking warriors were also women. Women took part to Viking‘s battles!!!!

In a Viking cemetery in Norway, archaeologists found the remains of an injured woman, surrounded by weapons. This is the first time in history that a female Viking with a battle injury has been found. They named her “Erika the Red”.

Found The Body of Erika The Red The Viking Warrior Woman

This finding confirms what historians already believed. Viking warriors weren’t just men with mustaches and long beards!!!!
Erika has now a face. The latest technologies for facial recognition made it possible to reconstruct the face of this woman. On her forehead, there is a deep wound probably caused by a sword.

The discovery required deep investigations. Archaeologist Ella Al-Shamahi revealed it to “The Guardian”. At first, the tomb had not been considered that of a warrior, despite they found many weapons. Only subsequent studies on the wound led scholars to reconsider everything. So they got to the incredible revelation!!!!!

Archaeologists are not sure that the wound took Erika to death. There were indeed signs of healing on her bone.

The reconstruction of the warrior’s face is something astonishing!!!!! A face that hasn’t been seen for a thousand years suddenly becomes real.

Caroline Erolin, a professor at the University of Dundee (Scotland), supervised the entire work. She has admitted that these reconstructions are never 100% accurate. They are enough good to allow a person who knew Erika to recognize her.

From the level of burial archaeologist Al-Shamahi supposes that Erika was a military commander. However, not all experts agree that female warriors could assume leadership positions.

Found The Body of Erika The Red The Viking Warrior Woman

Meanwhile, investigations go on around the area of Erika’s tomb. There are many Viking cemeteries. Archaeologists will probably find other female warriors.

Soon you will be able to watch the discovery of Erika the Viking in a documentary produced by “National Geographic”.

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