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Four And A Half is Snakedoctors’ New Album | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
Snakedoctors are song machines. Their creativity seems to have no limits and they continue incessantly to compose cool tunes. This time they are here to entertain us with a new album Four And A Half.

Four And A Half is Snakedoctors’ New Album | Edgar Allan Poets

Their compositional style is reconfirmed. This is music for the people of the night. These sour industrial sounds and melodies sometimes made me think of a neon light flickering in a tunnel.

The Snakedoctors are like Chefs who manage to choose the right ingredients and mix them together to create a unique and fascinating musical recipe.

Their music makes you think of the boundless Polish plains and the white sky that veils the sunlight. The album is coherent and follows a solid thread.

I recommend listening to it from the first to the last song the first time without asking too many questions. You must first immerse yourself in their universe and then appreciate all the nuances with a second listening.

In my opinion, their music in addition to darkwave influences also has a punk approach. Of course, the sound here is less aggressive but the irreverent and free mindset of the punk heads can be found in these songs.

A great album that I recommend to everyone.

Four And A Half is Snakedoctors’ Album Out Now!


Four And A Half is Snakedoctors’ New Album | Edgar Allan Poets

“Four and a half” is the fourth Snakedoctors album in just two years – since May of 2020 when it all started in a small studio in Gdansk, PL. It’s a double album which works a bit like a two sided album – just like with cassettes and vinyl. The red album stands for Side A and continues the recent band’s fascination with new wave, dark wave and post-punk. There is more electronic music in it again.

Apart from producers known from previous albums – Chris Bolster from Abbey Road Studios and Andy „Happy” Baldwin from Metropolis Studios in London, the band managed to get to work with them Joe Gibb and Kevin Paul, who had worked previously with Depeche Mode, the Cure, Yazoo, the Kinks, the Mission and David Bowie. And you can tell it right away. Especially in „Crime Story”, „Friday Night”, „Wonder Girl” and „Love”. One of the songs was mixed and mastered by Matt Gerhard co-operating closely with Spoon. And in another one – Corey Alley, one of vocalist/guitarist’s US friends from his college times when they both played in bands. First singles off that album already charted in Poland (Radio Olsztyn and Radio Ostrowiec charts) and in other countries (the UK and Central America). Even though they are an indie band those songs got an airplay worldwide (four continents).

On the red album there are 11 new songs plus two alternative versions and two completely different remixes done by talented artist from Canada – Grace Chiang. There’s also a new wave remix of one of side B grunge songs done by band’s guitarist.
The Black album – so called “Side B” – contains songs definitely on the grunge side. Starting with „Too Many” and „Fade Away” thru „Inside”, „Mean and Ugly” and „Wuss”. All those songs were mixed and mastered by Dawid Gorgolewski at Osso Studio in Gdansk, PL.
Snakedoctors already recorded most of songs for… the fifth album.

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