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Frances Bean Cobain Flourishing Soul

For a moment, let’s try to put ourselves in Frances Bean Cobain’s shoes. The fruit of the love between Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love didn’t have an easy life.

Yes, she has money and is popular, given the fame of her parents, but those who envy her perhaps do not see or understand the pain of a broken childhood.

Frances Bean Cobain Flourishing Soul

This girl has always intrigued me very much because she has been able to transform her pain into a strong character and personality.

Her father Kurt Cobain left this world in 1994 when she was only two years old. What she knows about her dad comes from his songs and documentaries, practically like any of us. Maybe some fuzzy memories occasionally resurface… playing with him, a hug, a kiss. But what can you remember when you are only two years old?

Her Mother Courtney has always been a rebel. A difficult life behind her. Despite everything and everyone, she was able to go on and do something with her life, but she also made many mistakes. Overwhelmed by success and pain, she lost sight of her daughter who grew up with her relatives.

Just think about the pain Frances Bean Cobain felt knowing, when she was only five, that her father had committed suicide. Imagine not having a mother by your side who can comfort you because she is in a rehabilitation center.

These are traumas that can destabilize a person’s equilibrium forever.

How can you forgive a father who left you? How do you forgive a mother who is never around when you need her?

For many years Frances Bean fought these demons. She surely must have had a lot of people around who loved her and who tried to help her … but in the end, these are battles you fight alone.

No one will ever be able to fully understand your state of mind. No one will have the courage to look into the abyss with you.

This is probably why she married young, to find a shoulder capable of bearing the pain with her. But when she realized that musician and husband Isaiah Silva didn’t really understand her, divorce was the only solution.

When you mature faster than others, you don’t have time to wait for them.

Frances Bean Cobain the Victim of Grunge

Photo Credits Frances Bean Cobain (Instagram)

But maybe certain experiences probably happen to people who can deal with them. Frances Bean has managed to flourish like a flower that breaks a stone just to see the sun.

This girl has found a light inside her, first very dim, and then stronger and stronger which has allowed her to be what she is today.

Her inner strength has always pushed her to seek her own identity. Far away from her famous parents.
She is the daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love but what she went through in her life forged Frances Bean Cobain. A unique piece of which she must be really proud.

I can only see your blue eyes and your face perfectly blending the features of mom and dad. Your gaze carries with it the look of your dad while singing My Girl at the unplugged in New York. Your pupils seem to silently scream as your mother did in Olympia.

But your soul is something else and your art, although very different from that of your parents, has the same value as that of Kurt and Courtney.

Your story and your strength inspire many people and that’s why I want to dedicate The G.O.A.T by Edgar Allan Poets to you.

Frances Bean Cobain Flourishing Soul



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