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Friday The 13th Sequel Could Happen Soon

Friday the 13th is one of the symbolic horror sagas of cinematography, and one of the greatest horror producers of recent decades has focused its attention on the franchise.

Friday The 13th Sequel Could Happen Soon

We are talking about Jason Blum who would like to make a reboot on Friday the 13th. He said:

I’d like to do a sequel of Friday the 13th

But this is not the first time that the producer has declared that he wants to devote himself to the franchise, considering that some time ago he had told that his intention to devote himself to Friday the 13th was there for some time, but that, unfortunately, there are non-cinematic issues that prevent its implementation.

This is because a legal battle has been going on for a couple of years between the director of the first film Sean S. Cunningham, and the screenwriter Victor Miller, who allegedly advanced rights to the franchise. The first sentence proved Miller right, but the legal battle continues to be waged.

But there is hope as Daniel Richtman teased that a revival may be on the cards, saying:

A new movie project for FRIDAY THE 13TH is finally in the works.

Then journalist Caleb Williams tweeted an animated gif of Jason in action, captioning it: Soon…

We wait anxiously and remain with our fingers crossed, we would like to see another film of this magnificent saga … we hope that the bureaucratic problems are finally behind us and that shooting can begin, also because the last film dedicated to Friday 13 in 2009 was not particularly brilliant.

Friday The 13th Sequel Could Happen Soon

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