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From Rockstar to Drag Queen Dee Snider’s Powerful Message

Rockstar Dee Snider has been making new statements on social media lately. He intends to perform as a drag queen. The pretext is to oppose the latest legislative proposals of several US States.

From Rockstar to Drag Queen Dee Snider’s Powerful Message

Twisted Sister's Dee Snider Returns to Exaggerated Performances Taking on State Laws

Artwork by Edgar Allan Poets

Some bills ban performances by male and female performers who dress as female characters in highly exaggerated makeup and costumes. That ban is contained in a bill in the State of Montana. Tennessee enacted a similar law last February, albeit temporarily blocked by a judge.

Dee Snider has avoided exaggerated makeup and costumes for ten years now. However, due to the silliness of these bans, he would like to re-enact them in some performances. In a tweet, he stated that “the bullying minority is getting away with murder and it is time for the true majority to start pushing back… hard!”.

Dee Snider's Bold Statement Rockstar Rebel Advocates for Drag Performers Amidst Ban Controversy

Artwork by Edgar Allan Poets

In an interview, the rocker explained that if these new laws were approved, his group could no longer perform with lipstick, nail polish, and makeup. Snider is a proud supporter of freedom of expression at all levels.

He thinks that these bills are somehow related to him and a too liberal culture. In fact, some people demonstrated a strong disagreement with his ways of dressing in the ’70s and ’80s.

Who is Twisted Sister?

The Twisted Sister is an American band born in New York in 1973 and disbanded in 2016. They belong to the hard rock/glam music. It is a genre characterized by self-irony, psychodrama, and irreverence.

The historical triad consists, in addition to Twister Sister, of Alice Cooper and Kiss. Dee Snider has been a part of the band since 1976.

From Rockstar to Drag Queen Dee Snider’s Powerful Message

Twisted Sister Reunites for a Cause Dee Snider and Band Rally Against Drag Show Bans

Artwork by Edgar Allan Poets

The band most recently reunited on January 26th at the Metal Hall of Fame for its first concert since disbanding in 2016. They will perform again shortly, probably in 2024.

The aim will be to take a stand against certain political orientations including ‘drag show’ bans.

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