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Fucked Up World is Ben Konarov’s Single | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s Featured Artist is Ben Konarov and his single Fucked Up World. I must say that the collaboration between the artists involved in producing this song is really successful.

Fucked Up World is Ben Konarov’s Single | Indie Music

The lyricist Ben Konarov proves to have a great talent to express and share emotions through the words of his songs.

Obviously, everything is emphasized by the beautiful voice of the singer Lukky and by the great sound cohesion offered by the band The Songbayteam.

A song built around lyrics is a very interesting compositional approach. It’s not easy to have a song in your head and be able to transfer your vision to other artists. To be capable of interpreting another person’s artistic taste, a peculiar connection is needed.

In this case, the alchemy is there as the song does not seem disconnected at all. The music, the vocal interpretation, and the lyrics come together in perfect balance.

A nice discovery that I recommend everyone to go and listen to.

Fucked Up World is Ben Konarov’s Single Out Now!


Fucked Up World is Ben Konarov’s Single | Indie Music

This song is the result of a collaboration of the below people. Not a band as such. Lyricist: (Ben Konarov) Composer: (Gary Cubberley) The band: (The Songbayteam) The vocalist: (‘Lukky’) The producer: (Gary Cubberley).

Ben Konarov has been writing lyrics since 2002; however, only pursued further upon finding the lyric to song service at Songbay (https://songbay.co/) at the start of 2022. Ben met Gary Cubberley through the Songbay’s website and this song is their third collaboration.

Find Ben Konarov Here:


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