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FUTURE THUNDER VOID is Erik & The Worldly Savages’ Ep

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Erik & The Worldly Savages in the past but they are back with a new Ep and I want to share my opinion about it.

FUTURE THUNDER VOID is Erik & The Worldly Savages’ Ep

I liked the sound of this band since the first time I heard their music.

The pirate atmosphere of this Ep makes you feel like you’re on a galleon looking for lands to plunder.

The mix of ethnic influences is fantastic and you find yourself in the Middle East, in the worst bars of Caracas, on the Appalachians drinking moonshine with some Redneks and eating tacos with Mariachi.

The sound blend invented by Erik Mut has truly an incredible charm.

His music is like a circus coming to town. Grotesque, theatrical, funny, and irreverent. There are also some dark and slightly spooky nuances that distinguish the sound of Erik & The Worldly Savages even more.

This is one of the musical projects that has amazed me the most in recent times. Because it is different from the usual and offers unique emotions.

FUTURE THUNDER VOID is another wild and beautiful experience that I recommend everyone to live.

FUTURE THUNDER VOID is Erik & The Worldly Savages’ Ep Out Now!


Following their 2022 EP release “Break Free”, “FUTURE THUNDER VOID” further evolves the Worldly Savages gritty signature sound and showcases Erik Mut’s ability to channel complex universal themes and relatable, sometimes difficult emotions into song. Although Erik often sings about the experience of feeling like an outsider, he practices what he preaches when it comes to fearlessly cutting through the mire and following his heart. Unabashedly passionate and raw in delivery, “FUTURE THUNDER VOID” reveals a vibrant punk heart sustained by a bitches brew of fiery international influences. This is what putting yourself out there without reservation sounds like.

Project Founder Erik Mut is a man on a mission, having broken the shackles of Western society and trailblazed his own path of rebellion, adventure, leadership and musical passion. His powerful Folk Punk project Erik & the Worldly Savages musically and lyrically reflects his manifest philosophy of seeking personal freedom, cutting ties with the past, reprogramming your mind and embracing life wholeheartedly.

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