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Gamblers’ Delight is Kevin Rieth New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Kevin Rieth is unstoppable here his new single Gamblers’ Delight.

This song immediately put me in a good mood and once more confirms how the legendary rock, funk of the past has influenced the compositions of this artist.

The melodic lines are sinuous, articulate and manage to entertain the listener who remains glued to the speakers fascinated by the numerous nuances and the maniacal attention to every tiny detail that you can find in the songs proposed by Kevin Rieth.

You can feel that this artist has a great compositional experience behind him. His music is mature and ready for the masses around the world.

We need quality music and surely Kevin Rieth manages to create a lot of it.

Gamblers’ Delight is Kevin Rieth’s Single Out Now!

Refined and Mature!


This song encourages the listener to pursue risks in life to attain higher rewards, even when it is nerve-wracking; should you ask that person on a date? Why not! Go for it.

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